Candy Singh



About the Client

Candy is a successful 10 year Superintendant for a San Diego County school district. She is a frequent speaker at various national events, and is well known throughout the country as a leader in public education. She is also the lead for the national Aspiring Superintendents Academy for Female Leaders.​


Candy wanted a one-page layout with a custom font to use for the titles of each section. She also wanted a Blog page that she can update periodically to keep her followers informed and up to date on what she is working on.​


Every project has its unique set of challenges and/or circumstances. With this project, it was blending a modern design within a highly traditional industry. I worked closely with Candy to ensure the end result was something she would love to share within the education space.​


Working together, we made a series of revisions throughout the project to achieve Candy’s desired results. Candy is very detailed and was eager to provide her input, as every client should. I paid close attention to make sure the typography was consistent in color and sizing. I also wanted to be sure the margins and padding transferred to mobile and tablet successfully.

It was a pleasure working with Candy on this project. ​

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