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About the Client

This is a restaurant concept project to show a potential client in the hospitality industry what I am capable of designing for them. The business name is fictitious and Llorem Ipsum placeholder text was used throughout the website to conceptualize the content


The goal of this project was to gain inspiration from a couple of five-star restaurants and come up with a simple, clean and modern design. I focused on functionality and made sure the site displayed beautifully on tablets and mobile devices. With over 60% of searches being done on mobile devices, it is imperative that a designer ensures the website adapts and all the information transfers to a smaller screen size.


A common trend I was dissapointed to see was that a high percentage of the local restaurants I looked into for inspiration had pictures of their menu displayed on their sites. This presents a problem for the viewer wanting to place an order from their mobile device becuase if it is a low quality picture, or the image isn't properly configured for a smaller screen, the text becomes unreadable.


I wanted to ensure the menu was legible on wharever size screen the viewer is using to place an order. I hand wrote the individual menu items and adjsuted the text size for mobile and tablet sized screens, so the consumer is able see the menu clearly.

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